Projects for lasting impact.

Good Measure is a pop-up agency that organizes projects for lasting impact. Each project launches new non-profits or revitalizes old ones, bringing creative professionals together from all over their city to collaborate—and we do it all in less than 72 hours. This includes branding, strategy, video, and a working website.

⭑ My role on the design team varies from non-profit to non-profit. Most of the core responsibilties include helping the team explore early art directions (sketching, moodboarding, etc.) and designing final deliverables needed by the non-profit once a direction has been choosen. 

I've specifically had hands on designing social media graphics (posts, stories, and banners) as well as digital and print brand collateral such as iconography, pop-up banner ads, business cards, e-blasts, and badges/stickers.

Only 72 hours?
What's the process like?


Introduced to the client and briefed on what needs to get done. We split up into our teams (design, web, strategy, or video) and get right to work. For the design team, we start moodboarding, sketching, and going over potential art directions for the project.


Meet up early in the morning and go over two potential directions. Design splits up into two smaller groups, with each group working on one direction.  We gather feedback from the whole team throughout the day, and prepare to present a final direction to the client that night.


Crunch day. Dedicated to finalizing all assets, creating guidelines, and working on all of the deliverables needed based on the final direction. We present everything we worked on to the client and the whole team. This also includes the work web and video did all weekend as well.

Good Measure: New York

Ten Toes Down.



Project Type—

Brand Identity

Lead Designers—

Rodrigo Calderon + Stephen Bernier

My Role—

Research, conceptualize, and design potential art directions with the team. Designed motion graphics  for the web team, as well as designed patterns for more youthful assets.

Grounded is a non-profit who believe artists have the power to inspire students, communities, and cities to unite, pursue their passions, and end cycles of violence. They primarily operate in Memphis, Tennessee neighborhoods to creatively address youth violence. The goal was to create a visual and verbal identity for their 2019 launch.

The design team kicked off the first 12 hours by creating initial moodboards and brainstorming potential elements that would make up the Grounded brand. We wanted to explore black culture and the Memphis community, with many of our concepts focused on earthy textures, color blocks, and wide/tall typography as seen below.


Moodboards + Early Directions

The final logomark at first glance, is an upward arrow. It exemplifies the idea that though we are grounded, we are always moving up, never down. The shelf above the arrow captures elevation. Movement artists are always, well... moving! Staying elevated mentally and physically, while also remaining humble and grounded. When looking at the logomark a little closer, you'll see that it's an abstract "G" as well.


Brand elements such as iconography were designed and incorporated within media kits, web, and video if needed. These icons aligned with Grounded's mission statement of creating, collaborating, and healing.

I played a part in bringing them to life through animation as well as creating patterns for more youthful assets.


Guidelines were designed to ensure brand consistency.


Takeaways, Challenges, & Press.


Good Measure: New York was the first  Good Measure event I attended—It's what made me fall in love with their mission and I've been to every event since then. Everyone threw out their ego and titles didn't exist. It was just good work in an environment where we all felt like we knew eachother, even though it was only a weekend.

Some of the challenges that week involved the stress in trusting our guts and going all in on a direction by Saturday afternoon. There was even doubts on the name initially since Grounded originally had a different name on Friday, but luckily, everything seemed to work out. A personal challenge for me included motion design with the iconography. I don't have a necessarily strong background in motion, and coming up with a flow that fit the brand was a challenge in itself. I had a friend of mine actually help me out and we colloborated Saturday night designing motion graphics for the web team.

The Drum: Non-profit Grounded takes shape thanks to 72-hour creative sprint by Good Measure and Ueno

Ueno: Branded for good—A 72-hour creative sprint for non-profit Grounded

Good Measure: San Diego

Dignity Has A Home.


Humble Design

Project Type—

Brand Refresh

Lead Designer—

Colin Wilson

My Role—

Research, conceptualize, and design potential art directions with the team. Designed all social media graphics for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook including: sponsored posts, stories, and cover photos/banners. Designed print-ready assets including pop-up banners and business cards.

Humble Design is a non-profit that furnishes homes for families and individuals transitioning from homelessness. They currently operate in Chicago, San Diego, Detroit, and Seattle. In general, 47% of newly-housed residents transitioning from homelessness end up back in shelters. With Humble Design, they have been able to bring that down to only 1%. The goal was to redesign their branding.

Humble Design’s work is all about welcoming people into homes designed just for them, so we started off with moodboarding and coming up with early directions focused on the home—the starting point for that new beginning.


Moodboards + Early Directions

Below is the final logo and color palette for Humble Design based on one of the directions we pursued. The soft color palette brings in an aspect of comfort and friendliness, while the lowercase logotype is humble and inviting—just like a home.


For their social media, I designed graphics that incorporated the branding to some of key phrases and mission statements from the strategy team.

I utilized the doorway in the logo as a primary focal point for some of the imagery, and can be used effectively in carousel posts as seen below.


Social media graphics, including Instagram posts and stories—as well as Facebook and Twitter banners/posts.

I also designed print-ready assets such as pop-up banners for their events/fundraiders.


Guidelines were designed to ensure brand consistency.


Takeaways, Challenges, & Press.


Good Measure: San Diego was my second Good Measure event I attended. This one felt special, and working with Humble Design was an incredible blessing. It was an honor to work with Humble Design's and back their mission on ending homelessness. A home is something we all take for granted, and designing graphics based on this was most definitely a first. This sparked my interest even more in designing for impact.

Some of the challenges that week involved choosing a final direction. Unlike Good Measure: New York, by Saturday afternoon we actually had two directions that we presented to the client. It almost felt like a competition, and that wasn't a feeling that I was comfortable with because at the end of the day we were all on the same team. The direction that my small group presented wasn't choosen 100% by the client, but it taught me to humble myself (no pun intended) and that not everything you touch will always make it to final production.

Another challenge was designing the social media graphics. I've never designed carousel posts or stories, so learning how they work and designing an effective graphic was something I was doing most of Sunday evening. Thankfully, everything worked out and the deadline was made. 

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Good Measure: Austin

Coming Soon.


Classroom Champions

Project Type—


My Role—

Research, conceptualize, and design potential art directions with the team. Designed social media banners and posts for Facebook and Twitter. Also designed badges for campaign assets, as well as marketing material such as e-blasts and print-ready files for relevant merchandise.

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© 2020 Pedro Peguero Jr. All rights reserved. Made with  on the go in New York.

© 2020 Pedro Peguero Jr. All rights reserved.
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 on the go in New York.