Smartphone Emergency

Screen Clinic is an iPhone repair shop that rivaled the competition, including Apple, by providing affordable phone repair plans with OEM parts.

⭑ As the graphic designer, my role consisted of researching, conceptualizing, and designing a logomark and logotype for their physical and online store. The goal was to create a logo that demonstrated the sense of urgency that their service is known for.

The Process

Today, most emergency services in the US use the caduceus to symbolize modern medicine. I wanted to create a variant based on modern technology–specifically, a service that saves and repairs our personal devices.

During early drafts, I tested color and typography lockups, and quickly began iterating and exploring what this "Caduceus of Modern Technology" would look like.


Red and blue have a strong connection to emergency services. The modified caduceus already denotes the correlation to emergency services, and I felt that  pushing the connotation further with a red and blue palette could incorrectly imply that this was a traditional, medical urgent care service. By using more grays and blacks, paired with the red, Screen Clinic was better differentiated.


The wordmark uses a sans-serif typeface from the Cabin family. Below is the final wordmark and lockup with the Caduceus of Modern Technology.


Other applications included vinyl decals for the storefront, store receipts, and the website.


Takeaways & Challenges

It was an honor to work alongside Quinn Nelson from Snazzy Labs on designing an identity for his first business venture.

One of the challenges I faced while designing this logo, was the logotype and color palette. I didn't want to replicate an actual emergency identity. This was all about phones, not people.

© 2020 Pedro Peguero Jr. All rights reserved. Made with  on the go in New York.

© 2020 Pedro Peguero Jr. All rights reserved. Made with  on the go in New York.

© 2020 Pedro Peguero Jr. All rights reserved.
Made with 
 on the go in New York.